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"...Committed to Sustainability & Social Unity"

Nancy...explains "NETWORK MARKETING-WHY and HOW".
Becoming a leader, being successful, sponsoring as an option, helping others, achieving your sustainability goals.




"...Committed to Sustainability & Social Unity"

How The Rich Get Richer...
Learn The Secrets from Robert Kyosaki

The Great Resignation…here’s Why!



So what is GREENPALS?

A community committed to promoting Climate Unity & Social Unity.

CLIMATE UNITY: (Carbon production/Carbon reduction)
Using Products and services that target carbon emissions and promote a transition to Net Zero by both individuals and business.

SOCIAL UNITY: (Reducing Poverty/Financial Independence)
Using Network Marketing as the means to tackle this worldwide problem.


Our main reasons for choosing Network Marketing:

  • Proven business model
  • A realistic option for GREENPALS worldwide mass participation.
  • Help people transition to living a Sustainable LifeStyle
  • No restrictions on race, gender, age, country, or religion.
  • Help eliminate ‘slavery’ in all its forms
  • Help eliminate ‘poverty’ in all its forms (financial,food,water,energy,etc)

So these are just a few of the reasons why we feel that the most obvious, and indeed the best way to approach Social Unity, is through adopting the proven Network Marketing business model (taught for many years at USA’s Harvard University).

Network marketing now has a 70 year track record of acceptance, growth, and success. Nearly all companies nowadays operate a Network Marketing system of some kind (affiliate program).

The term ‘pyramid’ has been explained many times with people now understanding it is the structure of all companies and indeed society itself. In a nutshell with Network Marketing you get rewarded for the effort You (and your community) put in, nothing more nothing less.


The BIG difference…

Corporations & Businesses are trying to keep as much money from their sales force as they can (that’s what makes them successful), but with GREENPALS and Network marketing it’s exactly the ‘OPPOSITE’.

Here at MaxLife Global Management we consider our organization to be intelligent (choices!) enough to always be looking for every way we can to get more money to the GREENPALS networking community. The more money we can give out then the more people will talk about GREENPALS, the more will join, the more our leaders will grow, the bigger the company will become, the more money we can give away (environmental projects and those living in poverty stricken areas). This is the main driving force behind our revolutionary ‘Circular Economy.’ 
(CEECO Clean Energy ECOnomy. Asset Creation & Asset Recycling.  See diagram here )

It is exactly the reverse of the typical corporate mentality and works wonderfully well for those who understand it and participate in it.

The exciting feature about Network Marketing is by its very nature a ‘people to people’ business and  therefore a ‘selling’ approach is not required (and not recommended) just the use of everyday ‘people skills.’

People prefer enthusiasm, warmth, belief, and a sense that the person has a sincere interest in them and what they’re doing. Everybody has human relations skills (we were taught them as children). That’s absolutely all that’s essential in Network Marketing.

How much do you get paid?

In network marketing you get paid what you are worth, what you contribute, no more no less.

The reason why so many people become successful and earn so much money is because the system is designed in such a way that the principle of ‘multiplication’   and ‘duplication’ is working for the average individual. So that the compounding, ever widening, multiplication, and duplication of talent, together with a compensation plan that is designed to pay the ‘upline’ generously is what generates the very large cheques.

Missed opportunity for some: Simply not understanding how network marketing actually works negates success for many people.


Why GREENPALS and Network Marketing?

  • Become a business owner without the business headaches
  • No experience necessary
  • Just become the marketing voice
  • Work from any location anywhere in the world
  • Work the hours you want
  • No need, or less  use, of a car (time to control your carbon footprint!)
  • Opportunity to transition to a Greener, Cleaner, Sustainable LifeStyle

GREENPALS Products and Services:

  • Providing ALL DIGITAL products therefore no buying of bulky items
  • (no buying of unnecessary ‘STUFF’ see video)
  • Products include CECC Co2 Emission Permits.
  • Four different Green Crypto’s (CECC, CEECO, UNSDG, FREEDOMCRYPTO)
  • Environmentally friendly and Sustainable.

Network Marketing = Word of Mouth Marketing

Q…who is the most qualified person to sell any product or service?
A…a satisfied customer is always the best person to market a product or service

Get compensated for your referral! Rather than tell your friends about a product or service and not get paid doesn’t it makes sense to get compensated for doing so?

The reason why Network Marketing is more powerful than any other form of advertising even TV, Radio, magazines, is because it’s based on relationships. And relationships have what TV will never have and that’s TRUST

That’s exactly what Network marketing is, word of mouth…talking to people. Have you ever told someone about a restaurant, movie, book, or any electronic gadget with an “i” as the first letter of its name? Then you have been doing “word of mouth” marketing and it is the most powerful kind of advertising there is. You have been doing it for years, but have you ever been paid for it?

Network marketing and our business. Simply invite people to take a look at GREENPALS. For example, hand over your GREENPALS business card, contact your social media friends…simply invite the person to take a closer look at GREENPALS and what we do.

It’s that simple...
NO selling, NO two hour presentations, No need to talk about the business, No pressure on you or the person you're talking to...just have fun and invite people to take a look at the opportunity.

Do this and begin earning money!

If you're a 'people person' then you’re going to love this business!

Help, support, and training, comes 100% FREE, so register now
and our friendly team will be happy to help you achieve your goals.

Have yourself an exceptional day!

Ronnie TuttFounder MLGM/GREENPALS.
Sustainable Management Consultant, Director of Green Finance.

P.S. You Don't Need Any Money To Join GREENPALS

P.P.S. You could very well end up firing your boss!


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